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Young Adult Novels

PERSONAL.tif A Night to Remember (1995)
Four stories, both humorous and moving, by four leading Young Adult writers, capture the trials and troubles of finding the right date for the prom, with some help from the school newspaper, a little science, and the boy next door. Original.
Scan09-08-20 1434.tif Meet Your Match, Cupid Delaney ( 1990)
A cupid-in-training who has been temporarily turned into a mortal girl faces her most difficult mission, to bring love and old-fashioned romance back to Woodside High in time for the junior- senior prom.
Scan09-08-20 1439.tif Robot Raiders (1985)
Bixby Wyler battles against all odds to reconstruct his girl humanoid for NASA’s Mars Landing project.
CUPID DELANEJ4.tif Have a Heart, Cupid Delaney (1985)
A cupid-in-training is sent by the Love Bureau to New Jersey to match up two unlikely couples in time for the big high school dance.
Scan09-08-20 1434.tif Robot Romance (1984)
Pandemonium results when creative genius Bixby Wyler enrolls in SilCo High to learn all about computers.
Scan09-08-20 1434.tif Give and Take (1984)
Liberated Dani Donovan fights to allow girls to join an all-male Service Committee at Sequoia High,
only to be blocked by irritating (but oh-so-attractive) Chris Braedon. Could she really be falling for the biggest macho jock at school?
CUPID DELANEJ4.tif The Plot Against the Pom-Pom Queen (1983)
When Taffy Foster, one of the most popular girls in school, humiliates Kelsey Marshall in front of her whole class, Kelsey is determined to have her revenge.
PERSONAL.tif Enter, Laughing (1983)
Class clown Blaney Wilder is afraid to reveal her serious side, until a new guy named Josh pushes her to audition for a dramatic part in a play. Will she be able to drop the funny girl mask when she appears on stage?
Scan09-08-20 1439.tif Confessions of a Teenage TV Addict (1982)
Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Warrens finds that her life has become more exciting and more eventful than those depicted in her favorite soap operas.
(What222s scarier a.tif) Single Bed Blues ( 1982)
A collection of poems celebrating the adventures of dating in San Francisco.

BOOKS FOR YOUNGER READERS: Toddler/Chapter/Middle Grade

PERSONAL.tif Aly Cat Takes Over First Grade! (2008)
Purple Pooper Scoopers! Aly Cat thought first grade was supposed to be fun, but everything is going wrong!(Order through Scholastic Book Clubs)
(What222s scarier a.tif) Princess Fun: Count Ten to One (2003)
Every princess needs a crown . . . and so do 9 frog princes, 8 fairy godmothers, 7 cockatoos, and more! Learn to count from ten to one with fun fairy tale characters.
Picture 1 Disaster! Three Real-Life Stories of Survival (2000)
Brings together three true disaster stories as told from the perspectives of young survivors, bringing to life the
events surrounding the sinking of the Empress of Ireland and the crashes of the Italia and Hindenburg.
nastysnowman Nasty the Snowman (1996)
Twelve-year-old Chris and his twin sister Courtney are on their way to visit their uncle Burke in Fiendly Corners. But when they arrive, he’s disappeared— and the mystery deepens upon learning he was on the trail of a mythical Norwegian snow creature called the Draken!
revengehairy Revenge of the Hairy Horror (1996)
Matt loves old horror movies, but when he tries to scare his cousin Kristen with a life- size cut-out of a werewolf, he unleashes
the actual creature. Can Matt and Kristen work together to catch the “hairy horror” before they turn into its dinner?
monstervision Monster Vision (1996)
Twelve-year-old Jamie accidentally unleashes the ghost of the dead magician Marco while visiting a creepy cemetery. How can she free herself from his frightening power?
pizzazombies Pizza Zombies (1996)
Eleven-year-old Bryan Hartley loves pizza.  But when the local pizza place offers tiny robots as a promotion, the robots start turning the town into scary Pizza People! Can Bryan save his family before he’s melted cheese and pepperoni?
Scan09-08-20 1439.tif Racetrack Robbery (1996)
Crime-solving partners Artie Jensen and his invisible poltergeist pug, Ghost Dog,  are on the case when an imposter steals the lucky gold pieces of race car superstar Speed Bryant.
CUPID DELANEJ4.tif Monkey Business (1994)
When nine-year-old Eva Boylan discovers a runaway monkey, she names him Dodger and makes up her mind to keep him a secret from her parents— and everyone else. Screenplay novelization.
(What222s scarier a.tif) H.O.W.L. High Goes Bats! (1993)
Half-warlock Dragomir Johnson and his friends are invited to the grand opening of Terror Town, a horror film theme park, where they encounter an artifact from the original Dracula’s castle that contains the spirit of the vampire himself.
Scan09-08-20 1434.tif Ghost Dog (1993)
Nine-year-old Artie Jensen enlists the aid of Ghost Dog to help locate his stolen 1967 Tom Seaver rookie baseball card, and Artie
ends up a front-page hero.
Scan09-08-20 1434.tif Heebie Jeebies at H.O.W.L. High (1992)
The second of the H.O.W.L. High series stars Dragomir Johnson (Drac for short, a half-warlock) in an adventure with his
Fang Gang friends to stop an alien invasion of tiny green beings—Heebie Jeebies—from taking control of the school.
CUPID DELANEJ4.tif Leap Frog Friday (1992)
Nine-year-old Oliver’s wish on some magical rocks backfires when he angrily changes his bossy older brother Danny into a frog. Now Danny’s about to take part in the fair’s leap frog competition, and Oliver has to reverse the spell before it’s too late.
(What222s scarier a.tif) H.O.W.L. High (1989)
Half-warlock Dragomir “Drac” Johnson has inherited magic powers from his mother’s side of the family, and must use those powers after he’s won the leading role of legendary horror star Rondo Orlac, the Shadow Man, at H.O.W.L. High.
PERSONAL.tif Personal Business (1987)
There’s only one way for Danny to make his recently divorced mom happy— helping her find Mr. Right by placing an ad in the personals! An ABC Afterschool Special.
CUPID DELANEJ4.tif The Peanut Butter Poltergeist (1986)
Eleven-year-old M.J. seeks revenge on his obnoxious stepsister by faking evidence of a poltergeist in their summer cottage, only to face the horror of what seems to be a real poltergeist!